Liberal Frank Fabrication wants to
lie his way to Washington, D.C.

Liberal Frank Fabrication wants to lie his way to Washington, D.C.

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When will his lies stop? Frank claims he wants to “make elections more transparent.” The truth? Frank has accepted more than $100,000 in dark money donations. The 54th District deserves better.

Out-of-state billionaire Jim Soros and his socialist friends gave Lying Frank more than $200,000 in 2019.¹

Frank Fabrication claims he is a dedicated public servant. Records show he is a dedicated liar.

Lie #1 – Frank claims he is a practicing attorney in the state of Califlorida.

The Truth? Frank has never passed the bar in any state.² While he graduated from law school in 2003, records show he only attempted the bar exam one time before running for office.

Lie #2 – Frank claims Bill Clinton was the first president he voted for.

The Truth? Frank couldn’t vote in 1992. He turned 18 in 1993 and has voted in fewer than five elections since registering in 1998.³

Lie #3 – Frank claims he’s saved taxpayers thousands of dollars.

The Truth? Frank voted for three budget increases totaling $2,000,000.⁴ According to The Daily Bugle, Frank spent $20,000 of taxpayer funds traveling to conferences in 2017.

Lie #4 – Frank claims he pays his property taxes on time.

The Truth? Franks was fined four years in a row for making late payments.⁵

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¹This is a sample opposition website featuring examples of common hits based on CCR research.
²Opposition websites start at $1500.
³Mailchimp, fundraising, and social media integration + basic SEO included.
⁴Contact for a quote.
⁵The 54th District of Califlorida is not real.
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