CCR Partner Named 30 Under 30 in St. Louis Business Journal

Jul 13, 2019

Ethan Todd of Capitol City Research was named 30 under 30 by the St. Louis Business Journal. Ethan started at CCR as a researcher in 2014. You can read an excerpt of his interview with the St. Louis Business Journal below:

I am the vice president of The Barklage Company, a political consulting firm based in St. Louis, and a partner at Capitol City Research, a corporate and political research firm based in Jefferson City. I started my career in politics interning for Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder in 2012 and began consulting campaigns and conducting political research full-time in 2014. My biggest career accomplishment is expanding Capitol City Research by more than 50% and expanding our research business to over 200 corporate and political clients in 25 states since 2014. I am an advisory board member of the Show-Me Institute and live in South County with my wife, Brittany, step-son Mason, and our four pets.

Did you always hope to build your career in St. Louis? I’ve always wanted St. Louis to be my home base. I realized early in my career that I had no desire to move to Washington, D.C. The cost of living, amenities, and proximity to clients has made St. Louis an excellent place to live and work.

What will keep you here? Low cost of living and hometown pride are key factors in my decision to stay in St. Louis.

What can the region do to ensure it will retain its young talent for the long term? The region has done a great job attracting young talent and allowing entrepreneurs to thrive. But to retain talent, the St. Louis region should focus on keeping our communities safe and providing quality educational options.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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