AUGUST 20, 2020

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On any given day, Amber Watson is controlling chaos and putting out fires. 

Having worked as a contractor for Capitol City Research since 2016, Watson joined the firm full time as a project manager last year — and has already been elevated to vice president of operations. 

Amber Watson

“Amber has been absolutely critical in the expansion of our business,” Capitol City Research Partner Ethan Todd said. “She keeps the trains running.” 

Watson has held a bevy of jobs in and around the Missouri Capitol, from lobbying right out of college to campaign work to constituent services in the Senate. And each job has given her some tools she’s carried into her new position. 

At Capitol City Research, Watson oversees employees and contractors, sets deadlines, collects work, and makes sure she’s available to answer questions. And her favorite thing about Capitol City Research is the people. 

“They are a hilarious bunch of people who are cut out to do the work we’re doing. It takes a very special breed to do exactly what we’re doing,” she said. “You can’t have thin skin, and you must have a strong stomach.” 

“I can honestly tell you we’ve done all sorts of things, including when it comes down to research. Everything is open for us to do; we’ve seen things.” 

Capitol City Research was founded in 2014 and serves campaigns, corporations, law firms, and PACs in more than 30 states. During the 2018 cycle, it boasted a 73 percent win rate. 

For those working in politics, Watson has some advice: “Be mindful of what you say, [and] make sure your filter is on. Always know that whatever you say and do is not private. Usually in the sense that when you work in research, you just tend to know more things than you bargained for. The best advice I can give is just to know your filter.” 

Watson is a graduate of William Woods University. She lives in Jefferson City with her husband and three children. But when she’s not working, you might be able to catch her at her favorite restaurant eating chicken wings: CJ’s in Columbia.